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Customer Administration

At the server level, Customer Administration is a CommonSpot option that provides a high level of administrative control for hosting environments or other configurations requiring independent data security for individual sites. Designed to meet the need for ASPs and other CommonSpot providers to associate a unique Users data sourcewith individual hosted customers, the Customer Administration module houses separate configuration data for multiple customer sites hosted on a single instance of CommonSpot and maintains this data separately from the CommonSpot Server data source (the source defined for the hosting company itself during CommonSpot installation).

See Database Managed Content for an overview of CommonSpot data sources.

You must create customer and configuration data before adding hosted sites. This configuration data includes Customer Name, Description, User Data Source and Auto Login settings. During site creation CommonSpot prompts hosting site Administrators to apply the appropriate customer data source and auto-login settings to new sites.

Customer Administrators are automatically Site Administrators for the sites they support.

Customers displays as an option in the Admin Menu.

With the appropriate permissions, choose Admin - Server Admin - Customer Administration from the CommonSpot main menu. The CommonSpot Customer Administration Dashboard displays.


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