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Defining Field Render Masks

For Custom Element fields added to a Display Template, CommonSpot includes a Field Render Mask feature for programmatically transforming how field value options appear within a Display Template. These masks are small ColdFusion scripts bound to specific field types and predefined globally for a site to control rendering of values. Use Field Render Masks to standardize date or phone number format or to control rendering of stored values, for example, to substitute employee full name for employee ID .

It is usually easier to create Field Render Masks before Display Templates.

Adding a field value to a Display Template prompts for selecting a Field Render Mask for the value. A sample of this dialog is shown below. If no masks are defined for the specific Element type, the message 'No Masks Defined' will appear. In this case, simply click OK to insert the field value as is.

For more information on the creation of Field Render Masks, refer to Field Masks & Custom Field Types in the CommonSpot Developer's Guide.


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