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Site Administration

Access to CommonSpot Site Administration requires site-level permissions.

Use Site Administration to create and configure options for individual Web sites supported by the CommonSpot Content Server, including site directories; security; content creation, formatting, and classification settings; permissions and approval levels; search and saved search collections; and the CommonSpot Rich Text Editor.

Choose Admin - Site Administration from the CommonSpot main menu or use URL Shortcuts to log in with site-level credentials.

The Site Administration Dashboard displays.

Stale Cache Support

This release of CommonSpot includes stale cache support. This feature addresses the case of regenerating cache each time an Element changes, sometimes resulting in slow page delivery. This condition can particularly affect performance for sites with frequently changing content and that make heavy use of Page Index Elements or Custom Elements in re-use mode.

You can enable Stale Cache settings to serve recently expired or "stale" cache, if it exists, to reduce or eliminate delays in delivering content to site visitors. With stale cache enabled, CommonSpot schedules background cache regeneration for requested pages, ensuring that frequently viewed pages are updated in a timely manner. See Stale Cache Handling.

To make the best use of this feature, first analyze the performance/freshness benefits for your site. Then configure whether and how long to serve stale cache at the site, template, or page level. Page-level settings override template-level settings, and template-level settings override site-wide defaults.

To configure site-wide settings for handling Stale Cache, use Site Admin - Site Properties / Settings - Cache Properties. Additional options are available for sites with Static Content Generation installed.

Customize settings at the individual template or page level through Properties - Cache/Static Settings. CommonSpot provides controls for automatically scheduling stale cache rebuilds and monitoring request processing for stale cache content. See Admin - Utilities - Scheduled Jobs and the description of the Server Tools utility View Stale Cache Queue.

Note: Stale Cache settings automatically propagate to production servers in Shared Database environments. You must separately set up Stale Cache for servers in Replication environments.


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