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Elements Overview

In addition to Templates, CommonSpot Elements greatly simplify the ability to create exciting, dynamic Web pages. Each Element is a predefined object or logical structure that controls the display of content on a page. CommonSpot provides a Gallery of versatile structuring Elements for delivering rich Web content, from a simple Text Block, to a dropdown list of links, text around an image, hierarchical menus, page indexes for automatically aggregating, filtering, and dynamically rendering link lists, and video and multimedia content. Developers, administrators, and designers can also create Custom Elements, specifically tailored for the needs of your site.

Elements make it easy to contribute content. Each Element has a set of wizards or dialogs to guide you through content rendering options.

Administrators and designers can also assign security at the Element level, offering a granular level of access, with options to control both who can manage content, and who can view it. See: User Authentication and Security PermissionsSecurity, and Defining Element Security in the Administrators Reference and Element Security in this guide for more information on assigning rights to Elements.

For a complete list of all out-of–the-box CommonSpot Elements and related wizards, see the CommonSpot Elements Reference.

These topics are common to all types of elements:

CommonSpot provides features and interfaces common to specific element types:

Refer to the Elements Reference and the CommonSpot Administrator's Reference for information on creating and adding Custom Elements.


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You can download PDF versions of the Content Contributor's, Administrator's, and Elements Reference documents from the support section of (requires login).

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