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CommonSpot Elements

In CommonSpot, commonly used page components are available as Elements. These are predefined objects containing logic that controls how content renders when a page displays. Elements enable non-technical contributors to drop formatted text, images, menus, lists, forms, and dynamic content into pages by simply selecting the Element from the Element Gallery. CommonSpot ships with over fifty standard Elements.

You can extend CommonSpot’s Element architecture through Custom Elements. Custom Elements enable very sophisticated application integration, rich content rendering, and easy deployment and maintenance of organization-specific objects.

This guide documents each standard CommonSpot Element and introduces Custom Element creation. For information on how to use Elements to create page content see the CommonSpot Content Contributor’s Reference. For managing and creating Custom Elements, see the CommonSpot Content Administrator’s Reference.

Administrators control the display and categorization of objects in the Element Gallery at the Site level. See “Elements & Forms” in the CommonSpot Adminstrator’s Reference for more information.

This document also lists:


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You can download PDF versions of the Content Contributor's, Administrator's, and Elements Reference documents from the support section of (requires login).

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