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Page Set Elements

Not all content fits nicely within the context of single pages. Some content is best presented as a collection of related pages and best managed collectively as a whole.

CommonSpot allows for the management of groups of related pages as Page Sets. Pages within a Page Set are organized in a logical sequence that can be reordered at any time. The Page Set Elements (Page Set Contents Element, Page Set Index Element, and Page Set Navigation Links Element) provide standardized navigation to pages within a Page Set. You can add these Elements only to pages that are members of a page set. CommonSpot automatically updates the Element when pages within a Page Set are added, deleted, or re-ordered.

Before creating a Page Set, you must first identify or create all the pages that belong to the Page Set (see Create New Page in the CommonSpot Content Contributor’s Reference.)

Once you create or identify all the pages to be managed within the page set, click New - Page Set

to define a new page set and add

You can also access this option from My Content - My Page Sets.

The Create Page Set dialog displays.


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