Foundation Relations

The OHSU Foundation’s Office of Foundation Relations is the one-stop resource for organizations wishing to develop a partnership that supports OHSU’s mission of healing, teaching, discovery, and outreach. We are dedicated to partnering with private and corporate foundations to create a healthy future for our communities. Our team works cross-departmentally to provide a breadth of opportunity for all of our foundation partners. We work to inform our foundation partners of research, programs, and outreach activities at OHSU that align with their funding priorities.

We aim to match the interests of foundations with the work being conducted at OHSU and will connect you with our knowledgeable faculty and staff, exceptional students, state-of-the-art facilities, and opportunities for philanthropic support. We welcome the opportunity to discover your place at OHSU, one perfect for fostering your vision of a healthier tomorrow. As the fundraising arm of OHSU, we work collaboratively with all departments to pave the way for productive and collaborative partnerships, and then help facilitate the long-term relationships that result.

Foundations contributed approximately $70 million in support last year and as a result sponsored life-saving research projects, funded outreach programs to support rural areas of Oregon, trained nursing staff on giving aging patients the highest quality of care, helped uninsured and underinsured children and families get access to healthcare, improved our facilities and resources, and so much more.

An invitation is always extended to foundation representatives to visit OHSU’s campus to investigate potential synergies and avenues of collaboration. During your visit, our team can help arrange meetings for you with appropriate members of the faculty, staff, administration, and student body who may be helpful in reaching your organization’s objectives. Whatever your goals, we will facilitate a program to meet your needs and interests.