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Big Balance; Frank Boyden and Brad Rude

Big Balance

Frank Boyden and Brad Rude
Cast, painted bronze, 1997
65 x 57 x 18 inches

New Friends, Two Eves; Mary Josephson

New Friends, Two Eves

Mary Josephson
Oil on wood panel, 1999
96.25 x 84 inches

Trust; Kim Osgood


Kim Osgood
Monotype print on paper, 2005
30 x 6.25 inches



Dinh Q Le’
C-print and linen tape, 1997
20 x 69.75 inches

Oregon Fabric; Bruce West

Oregon Fabric

Bruce West
Stainless steel, 1994
32 x 24.75 inches

Vita Mensae Living Mind, Life of Thought; Larry Kirkland

Vita Mensae Living Mind, Life of Thought

Larry Kirkland
Carved marble and etched granite, 1992
85 ½ x 126 inches

Intersecting Light; Carl Morris

Intersecting Light

Carl Morris
Acrylic on linen, 1984
60 x 90 inches

Towers and Rocks; Jack Portland

* Towers and Rocks

Jack Portland
Tempera and mixed media on Masonite panel, 2007
15.75 x 15 .5 inches

Blind Man and Loon; Jacque and Mary Regat

* Blind Man and Loon

Jacque and Mary Regat
Bronze, 1995
17x 33 x 13 inches