Night for Networking

For the past seven years, OHSU has hosted Night for Networking (N4N), an annual event that connects job-seekers with disabilities and local business. Participants include job-seekers, recruiters, job-coaches, interpreters and volunteers. In its first year, N4N drew just under 100 participants and a handful of recruiters from the Portland business community. Over the years the event has grown quite a bit. Last year, 450 people attended and 51 recruiting organizations were represented. OHSU is proud of the success of this event and of the lasting connections that are made every October. Check back soon for 2017 event details.

Photo Gallery - 2016 Event

N4N networking picture    Networking picture

N4N networking picture    N4N networking picture

N4N networking picture    N4N networking picture    

OHSU Therapy Dog <3    N4N networking picture

Connections Made

A few responses from our 2016 post-event survey:

"Had a great potential applicant which was worth it and the people present and the atmosphere made it quite fun."

"I have a few interviews set up from this event!"

"I met a couple employers that I have not seen at other events, plus it was a great opportunity to connect with familiar faces."