OHSU President's Message

Sustaining an environment that is respectful of others is vitally important to OHSU's evolution as a world-class academic health center. Embracing diversity is a key element in the current strategic planning process; we must integrate diversity into all areas of the university and all aspects of our mission.

Patients should be able to be treated by providers who can meet their diverse needs – providers who share a common bond, whether ethnic background, language, religion, or culture.

Students learn best in a diverse educational environment, by learning from mentors with a broad variety of backgrounds and experiences. This in turn helps prepare students to work with the increasingly diverse population.

Diversity is also key to the research mission in that it promotes creativity. Innovation happens when you bring together people with different backgrounds and interests and let them exchange ideas and diverse perspectives.

Diversity must be a core value for every student, employee and faculty member. Only then can we achieve our full potential for creativity and discovery, quality patient care, educational excellence and outstanding community service.


Joseph E. Robertson, Jr., MD, MBA

Oregon Health & Science University