Disability Awareness Training

The Disability Awareness Trainer conducts trainings with departments, groups, managers, staff and faculty to facilitate communications with and relating to people with disabilities. The trainings include:

  • A pre-training survey that is confidential and anonymous
  • Scenarios and discussions around interacting with meeting people who happen to have disabilities
  • Discussion of People First culture and language
  • Tips on communicating with persons who have different types of disabilities
  • Awareness of issues that people with disabilities encounter every day

The trainings are structured to be participatory and non-threatening. We are developing other trainings that will offer a more in-depth look at specific topics and situations related to disability etiquette.  The trainings are scalable from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the needs of the trainees.

To request a training or to request more information about trainings, please contact Ian Jaquiss at Jaquiss@ohsu.edu or call 503-494-8675. The trainings are entered into Compass and will go on the trainee’s transcript.

The Trainer

AAEO is excited to introduce Ian Jaquiss, who has served as our Disability Awareness Trainer and Outreach Coordinator since August of 2014. Ian is skilled at fostering a welcoming, pressure-free training environment in which this sensitive topic can be explored freely and comfortably. Ian is currently developing additional trainings to offer a more in-depth look at particular situations related to disability etiquette (more to come).

Ian has a lifetime of experience as a person with a disability, and enjoys sharing his experiences and perspective during training sessions. Ian has a law degree from the Cumberland School of Law, two Paralympic gold medals and is now dedicated to fostering a welcoming environment for people with disabilities who visit, work, study and receive care at OHSU.