OHSU Policies

Below are excerpts of selected OHSU policies cited on this website. The link opens the entire policy in PDF format in a separate browser window. From there you can print the policy or close the new window to return to this page.


OHSU Code of Conduct

OHSU is committed to upholding the following core values in all its endeavors; achieving excellence in all we do. Creating new knowledge through research and innovation. Providing the highest-quality education for the next generation of health care professionals. Fostering a spirit of collegiality and integrity. Providing compassionate care for our patients. Maintaining a high level of accountability for our use of resources. Encouraging, creating, and respecting diversity within OHSU. Fostering an environment of open, honest, and respectful communication throughout the OHSU community.


Policy No. 03-05-025 Affirmative Action Goals: Employment

OHSU shall establish an affirmative action plan including goals and procedures for the purpose of increasing the proportion and effective utilization of minorities and women employed in administrative, technical and faculty positions in programs and departments where minorities or women are under represented.


Policy No. 03-05-030 Equal Opportunity

OHSU provides equal opportunities to all individuals without regard to race, religion, national origin, disability, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, military service, or any other status protected by law. This policy applies to all employment, education and patient care related activities.


Policy No. 03-05-032 Harassment

Harassment on the basis of Race, Color, Religion, National Origin, Gender, Age, Disability, Marital Status, Veteran Status, Sexual Orientation, participating in a Civil Rights complaint, use of the Worker's compensation system, use of the Federal Family Medical Leave Act or the Oregon Medical Leave Act, is strictly prohibited at OHSU. OHSU administration, faculty, staff and students are responsible for maintaining an environment for work, study and the provision of services free from harassment.


Policy No. 03-05-035 Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is strictly prohibited at OHSU. OHSU administration, faculty, staff and students are responsible for assuring that OHSU maintains an environment for work, study, and the provision of services free from sexual harassment.


Policy No. 03-05-037 Religious Exercise and Religious Expression in the Workplace and Educational Environment

OHSU does not discriminate on the basis of religion, require religious participation or non-participation as a condition of employment or study, or permit religious harassment. OHSU administration, faculty, staff, volunteers and students must treat everyone with the same respect and consideration, regardless of their religious beliefs or non-beliefs. Additionally, OHSU does not restrict or control the free exercise of beliefs, thought or ideas.


Policy No. 03-05-040 Employment of Family Members

The University does not unlawfully discriminate against an individual solely because another member of the individual's family works or has worked for the University. However, unless approved by the Director of Human Resources and the individual's Department Chair or equivalent supervisor, no person shall be employed in a position of exercising supervisory appointment or other decision making authority over a member of the individual's family or in a position of being subject to such authority.


Policy No. 03-05-045 Conflicting Consensual Relationships

OHSU recognizes the individual right of association among its members. However, OHSU strongly recommends against engaging in personal relationships where a Conflicting Consensual Relationship may exist or arise. Examples include relationships between student and faculty or employee and supervisor.


Policy No. 03-05-050 Equal Opportunity Complaints

In accordance with the Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Program of OHSU, the procedures that follow are established to provide an opportunity to request and receive consideration of any complaints relating to services and/or terms and conditions of employment or education that are believed to be the result of prohibited discrimination.


Policy No. 08-01-005 Access for Members of the Public to OHSU Programs, Services, and Activities

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities in the programs, services and activities of public entities and requires that those entities make their programs, services and activities accessible to individuals with disabilities. OHSU students and employees are covered by this policy as individuals participating in a public event. AAEO Procedure: Public Event Disability Access.


Policy No. 08-01-006 Physical Access Committee

The Physical Access Committee is charged with identifying barriers to access by individuals with disabilities at OHSU and to present findings and recommendations to OHSU's administration concerning access needs and priorities for meeting those needs.


Policy No. 11-20-010 Acceptable Use of Computing and Telecommunications Resources

A user of University computing and telecommunications resources shall comply with all federal, Oregon, and other applicable laws; all generally applicable University rules and policies; and all applicable contracts and licenses. Examples of such laws, rules, policies, contracts, and licenses include, but are not limited to, the laws of libel, privacy, copyright, trademark, and child pornography; the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which prohibit "hacking," "cracking," and similar activities; Federal Communication Commission regulations; the University's Code of Conduct; the University's sexual harassment policy; and all applicable software licenses.