Welcome from the CNO

Dana BjarnasonFor me, it's a pleasure and a privilege to be a nurse at OHSU –and it's an opportunity to surround myself with the brightest and the best. From the moment I joined this acclaimed team of professionals, I recognized that OHSU nurses bring excellence, innovation and compassion to work, every day.

During our recent Magnet recertification, appraisers highlighted OHSU nursing for exhibiting strength in several areas, including our:

  • Deep and visible commitment to safety and quality,
  • High level of teamwork,
  • Strong interprofessional collaboration, and 
  • Pride in the high quality of care that OHSU provides to very ill patients.

In addition, OHSU is an academic medical center that enjoys a strong relationship with the OHSU School of Nursing, where advanced education at the master's and doctoral levels of nursing are readily available. This valuable connection makes OHSU the right place for advancing a professional career.

I hope you'll consider learning more about why it's an honor to join us in our ongoing pursuit to achieve the highest levels of excellence and innovation in nursing practice.

Bring your skills and talents to our dedicated team of professional nurses. You'll be glad you did.

Dana Bjarnason, Ph.D., R.N., NE-BC

Why join OHSU?

Nurses at OHSU, along with our entire medical staff, are united in our endeavor to create safe environments that provide the best possible care to patients. At OHSU, nurses' voices are heard — and respected.  We are:

  • A Magnet health care facility, recognized by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) for quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovations in professional nursing practice.
  • Supported in performing state-of-the-art work, reinforced by providers at the top of their fields.
  • Encouraged to take on high-level research and quality improvement opportunities, and to develop ideas for operational and clinical improvement.
  • Actively involved in national and worldwide health care efforts, including community outreach, missions and volunteer efforts all over the world.
  • Leaders in educational achievement, with 77 percent holding bachelor's or master's degrees in nursing and 40 percent earning certification in their specialty practice.

Why Portland?

Portland's quirky, independent, fiercely intelligent, intensively livable and totally down to earth: Just the kind of place you'd like to live.

It's a great walking and biking city, with plenty of public transportation, a progressive atmosphere that celebrates the arts, a culture of great food, artisan coffee and neighborhoods full of shops selling handmade clothes, crafts and furniture.