Searching OHSU

Here are some methods and strategies to search for content on the OHSU website.

Use Enough Words

When entering search terms, be as specific as possible. If you use only one word, like “email” or “policy” in your search, you’ll get a larger number of generic results. Instead, try adding a little more description, like “facilities logistics email” or “patient care policy.”

Refine Your Search

The left column of the search results page will help you narrow down results with a few filters by:

  • Mission
  • Content Type
  • Health Keyword
  • Specialty
  • Other relevant data

Use Search Within a Site

Most sites have their own search. You can find that search box in the left column below the navigation. It should say whether it will search the site (e.g. "Search IT").

Look for Promoted Content

Some searches bring up images, featured faculty, news and other promoted content that may be relevant to what you're looking for. Be sure to look in the left and right columns and scan to see if anything looks like it might be what you're looking for.