Wireless Access for Visitors

 OHSU hosts a number of visitors each day on our campuses. From visiting faculty and researchers, to prospective residents and patients and families, our visitors often need wireless access. OHSU provides two wireless options:


Available for patients and their families, visiting students and faculty, vendors and others, OHSU-Guest provides unsecured web browsing for short-term sessions. This network is intended for average visitors and does not provide access to OHSU secure resources. 

Terms of service

OHSU assumes no responsibility or liability for any damages or activities resulting from the use of this service. This is an unsupported service, offered "as is" and without any guarantee or warranty of availability. By clicking the Connect button on the wireless connection web page, you agree to these terms of service and agree to hold OHSU harmless in any legal or judicial recourse resulting from your use of this service.

Patient health information

Never send patient health information (PHI) over the public wireless network.

How to connect

  1. Configure your wireless device. The Network Name (SSID) of the public wireless is "OHSU-Guest" (case sensitive).
  2. Open a web browser. You'll see the OHSU public wireless disclaimer web page.
    • Note: In order for the disclaimer page to load properly, your browser must point to a www. page not a https:// page.
  3. Click the Connect button.


OHSU participates in eduroam, a shared global wireless service for research and education. Eduroam is in use at more than 450 colleges, universities and research facilities in the United States.

Eduroam allows visiting students, faculty, researchers and staff from participating organizations to access OHSU's secure network with their home organization's credentials. 

Visit the eduroam website for a map of OHSU locations or see instructions for connecting to eduroam at right.