Confidential Reporting

Anonymous Reporting

Anonymous, confidential complaints (be sure not to include any identifying information in your report) may be made through OHSU Integrity, via their hotline or online reporting website. 

Please note that filing an anonymous complaint may result in the reporter’s identity becoming known due to the facts reported to Integrity.

All OHSU Community

Ombudsman. Confidential reporting of concerns can be directed to the Ombudsman, Merle Graybill, M.Ed. Ms. Graybill can provide confidential, informal, independent and impartial problem-solving assistance. Ms. Graybill can reached by phone at 503-494-5397. Or, for non-confidential communications only, you can contact her at .

Jackie Wirz, Privileged Advocate. A privileged advocate is a specially trained professional who is available to survivors or those who know a survivor to answer questions, provide information, and help navigate the options available at OHSU as well as in the community. If you or someone who know has questions or needs help a privileged advocate is a great person to start with. Dr. Wirz is also serves as Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Affairs and Director of the Career and Professional Development Center at OHSU. Contact her by phone 503-494-3443 or 


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all benefit-eligible employees and their dependents, regardless of medical plan enrollment. The EAP provides you and eligible members of your household 24/7 access to confidential counseling (as well as other services); the most commonly used benefit of the EAP is three free visits (no copay or other out of pocket cost to you) with a counselor for you and/or your dependents. Many issues can be addressed directly with your EAP professional; in some cases, you may be referred to other resources that are in your network coverage.

The Resident and Faculty Wellness Program (RFWP) provides an array of services for residents, fellows, and primary School of Medicine faculty, through which they can receive free, confidential counseling and coaching services at our OHSU Marquam Hill campus. You do not need to be in crisis; you may just want to talk or consult with us. Experienced psychologists and psychiatrists provide professional services in a private location with no EPIC documentation. Over the past 10 years, hundreds of OHSU physicians have participated in this program and our team currently provides over 100 visits every month. Our clinical focus is on intervening early, supporting distressed physicians and finding the necessary resources to build sustainable medical practices and rewarding personal lives. They are here to help you address any problems or concerns, personal or professional.

Confidentiality Notice

OHSU is committed to protecting confidential information and ensuring legal and professional obligations are met when preserving this information.
Please feel free to contact the OHSU Legal Department if you have more specific questions about confidentiality, 503-494-5222, Fax: 503-494-0917, .

Non-Confidential Reporting Options

Title IX Coordinator. You may make a report to OHSU’s Title IX Coordinator, Laura Stadum, who oversees OHSU’s compliance with Federal Title IX requirements. Laura Stadum can be reached at: 503-494-0258 or .

OHSU Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity (AAEO) Department. Reporting can be made with AAEO, at 503-494-5148, . The AAEO Department offers a variety of services including prohibited discrimination complaint resolution and education in the form of quarterly trainings, brown bag lunch sessions and on-site department training.

OHSU Human Resources. Reports can also be made to the Human Resources contact assigned to your department or education program. Learn more about OHSU Human Resources.

Department of Public Safety. The OHSU Department of Public Safety (DPS) can be reached 24 hours a day. Reporting to DPS is the same as reporting to Portland Police. DPS will report incidents to OHSU officials. Contact immediately in case of emergency and for other safety related assistance, at 503-494-4444.

Department, Academic and Administrative Officials. Reports may also be made to the supervisor or department head most directly concerned to the conduct or parties involved. In addition, you may report to any academic or administrative official.