Bike share

bike share


Go By Bike has partnered with OHSU to offer free bike share to anyone with an OHSU email.

Each bike has a basket, magnetically powered lights, and anti theft device.

You must return the bike within 24 hours to a station.




bike U lockMaking a reservation

You can take these bikes wherever you please. The bikes live at South Waterfront stations. See the map at bottom.

You'll be active within one business day of sign up. To receive your unlock code, text the number posted on the rear fender of the bike to 971-236-2453. Save this phone number you will need to text each time you check out a bike as codes will change.



bike shareUsing the bike around the community

Always lock the bike when your eyes aren't on it. Be sure the U-lock is securing the frame and not just a wheel or basket.

Please ride legally and respectfully.




bike share station

Ending a reservation

Just return to one of the designated bike share racks by the end of the day. It's a small system. When a bike is gone for too long, riders will miss it. If you have a problem with a bicycle please report it to Go By Bike staff. 

You're almost ready to ride! To help bike share make friends, please follow the rules of the road, yield for people, pass slowly, and tell your friends.

Sign up here.