Moody Ave

OHSU is one of the most popular biking destinations in the nation. Below are resources to assist with each stage of your journey, from finding a bike, to making sure it is secure, to earning rewards.

Go By Bike1. Get a bike

Don't own a bike? Rent from Go By Bike or use city bike share.

2. Register your bike

Register now to aid recovery if your bike is lost.

3. Plan your trip

OHSU is an unusual commute yet the Tram makes biking to Portland's highest campus no sweat. Plan your safest, fastest or flattest route.

4. Park your bike

Free for anyone, Go By Bike valets at the lower Tram terminal and OHSU Student Center. Simply roll up and say hi.
Go By BikeEvery OHSU garage has bike racks. Additional options available to staff and students.

5. Prevent theft; aid in recovery

A few strategies greatly reduce the chance of being targeted for theft. A rapid response aids recovery.

6. Earn incentives for biking

Anyone with an OHSU login may earn rewards including cash reimbursement.

7. Enjoy your ride

Join the OHSU Bike Program to keep up on the latest news and events. Every May, OHSU is a leading participant in the Bike More Challenge.

8. Maintain and repair your bike

Repair and pump stations are accessible 24/7 at central campus locations.
Go by Bike
offers tune up, repair and loaner bikes at reasonable rates.