Guests & Vendors

pay station parkingFor hourly parking, we recommend onsite pay stations. For all day parking, you may purchase one day ahead of time (recommended) or purchase onsite. Patients and their personal visitors park free. All other uses are pay to park. 

For parking pre-arranged and/or paid for by an OHSU department, contact your OHSU representative and learn more here.

See locations and more at

Vendors & Contractors

20 minute parking is located in the Physician's Pavilion Loop ("Teardrop") adjacent to to Physician's Pavilion.

If you need to arrange long-term parking, please contact your OHSU representative. For additional questions, .

Loading Zones

Loading zones are limited to 20 minutes. If you require longer, purchase is required (see options above). If the dock you would like to use has a dock master, you must check in with them directly. If no dock master is available, you can call 503-494-8283 x0 for more information.

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