RV Parking

Lot 60Spaces are extremely limited in size and number. A patient appointment and reservation confirmation are required. Unauthorized vehicles or vehicles that impede authorized access will be ticketed and removed to ensure access for patient reservations.

If we are unable to accommodate your vehicle, we will gladly help you plan other arrangements. Patient passenger vehicles are welcome in patient parking areas only at all hours at no charge.

To qualify for OHSU RV parking, a patient or relative of a patient in an active treatment program at OHSU must occupy the RV. Patients and their families will be accommodated on a space available basis.

Please review the eligibility requirements below to ensure we can accommodate your needs. We recognize the difficulty in planning ahead for some hospital visits, but as a courtesy to other patients, please notify us as soon as possible if your reservation must change.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to call us at 503-494-8283 x0. Transportation & Parking Customer Service is open Monday through Friday, 7am to 5pm. Closed 2:30 to 3:30pm Fridays for staff meeting, as well as campus-observed holidays.


General information is available at the concierge desk by the OHSU Hospital entrance on the 9th floor or call 503-494-8311. Please see the Marquam Hill Campus Map to locate additional resources on campus. For transportation, parking and RV services, contact Transportation & Parking (see back page).

Public Safety is available 24/7, seven days a week. Keep these numbers with your phone: 503-494-4444 (Emergency); 503-494-7744 (Non-Emergency).


Eligibility is determined at Transportation & Parking’s discretion. To qualify for OHSU RV parking, a patient or relative of a patient must occupy the RV. RVs may arrive up to 48 hours before active treatment begins and vacate within 48 hours of when active treatment ceases. Before parking, contact us to arrange a reservation and obtain a permit.

First Reserve, First Serve. OHSU has 6 RVs spaces. Contact us as soon as you know you’ll be visiting, as these spaces fill quickly by filling out the RV request form.

Size Limits. Vehicles over 36ft should consider outside arrangements. Vehicles under 20ft should park in regular-sized parking spaces.

The Reservation’s Primary Contact should be on campus daily, reachable by phone, and have the ability to move the RV as needed.


Arrival information

The lot location is in Lot 60 at SW 6th Ave and SW Gaines St., in Portland, OR. It is approximately 1/3 of a mile (10 minute walk) from OHSU Hospital. If you need transport, contact Public Safety Non-Emergency: 503-494-7744.

Recommended Route: From SW Terwilliger Blvd, turn toward Veterans Hospital Rd (right if traveling from the north, left if traveling from the south). We recommend mapping a route to OHSU from your destination before traveling as we may not be available to offer detailed directions.

Arriving after hours? Park in the lot noted above, directly in a reserved space if assigned. If no space has been assigned, please park at the southern edge of the lot. Check in with Transportation & Parking during business hours. Please do not park in a numbered space you have not been assigned as this may displace a patient with reservation and you will have to move your vehicle.

During your stay

Electrical hookups are located at each of the six reserve spaces.

Drinking water is available at the supply station outside the gate at the Vehicle Maintenance Garage, at the west end of the RV lot. During winter, the water supply is shut down to prevent pipes from freezing.  During business hours, garage employees may connect a hose to a water supply in the building’s boiler.

Waste disposal is available from Schulz-Clearwater (503-692-9009), Tuesdays only. Their fee is approximately $50 and includes black and grey water.

Passenger vehicles under 20ft may park in any patient parking lot. Please note that the RV parking is within a lot that is otherwise paid, permit parking. Patient visitor vehicles are welcome after hours and weekends in the lot. If you have a passenger vehicle, in addition to an RV, please ask Transportation & Parking Customer Service for a patient pass to alert enforcement that you are a patient visitor and are permitted to park free on campus for the entirety of your stay.

Pets, for their safety, must be leashed and attended on campus. Waste clean-up is the pet owner’s responsibility. As a courtesy to resting patients, consider a sitter if your pet is prone to loud noise.

Smoking is not permitted on OHSU campus. Resources: OHSU concierge desk.