Walking and running

SW TrailsOHSU connected by unique and scenic paths.

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Google Maps now provide turn by turn walking directions, including elevation.

Walking early or late 

Paths may pass through poorly lit areas. Bring a light source and never assume a person in a vehicle can see you. Consider walking with a friend. Apps such as Companion allow a friend or colleague to virtually walk with you, monitor your progress, or alert them of any concerning activity.

For emergencies, call 911 off campus and call Public Safety on campus at 503-494-4444. Blue emergency phones are located around campus.

Hiking Resources

Portland offers renowned urban and forest hikes. OHSU campuses are adjacent to several nature parks and greenways.

The 4T Trail signs around town are referring to a local favorite hiking route that incorporates the 4 "T's" of Portland: Trail, Tram, Trolley and Train.

Oregon Metro's 4T Route Map & Brochure

Marquam Hill

Marquam Hill is most easily accessed via Terwilliger Boulevard. Sam Jackson Park Road lacks a sidewalk or shoulder and is not accessible by foot. Several forest trails connect to Marquam Hill from Lair Hill, Council Crest Trail and the Marquam Nature Park. Marquam Hill can also be accessed by walking to the Tram at South Waterfront.

South Waterfront

South Waterfront is accessible from the north via Moody Ave, from Lair Hill via Gibbs Street Pedestrian Bridge, and from the south via the Willamette Waterfront Path. Hawthorne Bridge, Sellwood Bridge and Tilikum Crossing are walkable bridges.

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