The Center for Diversity and Inclusion is proud to sponsor several internships for students of color, as well as students from underrepresented or underserved populations.

Summer Equity Research Program

The OHSU Graduate Programs, Medicine, and Dentistry offers an exciting opportunity for college students to spend 8 to 10 weeks working with faculty and graduate students in a research setting, learning new skills and gaining experience. Learn more about the Equity Research Program.

Ted R. Lilley Cancer CURE Program

The Ted R. Lilley Cancer CURE Program is a research mentorship training at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Knight Cancer Institute. It is designed to offer research experiences to high school students from socially and economically disadvantaged populations from the Portland metropolitan area. The long-term goals of this program are to give hands-on research experience and science exposure to disadvantaged students in biomedical research and other health-related programs. Learn more about the CURE Program.

Vollum Institute/OHSU Neuroscience Graduate Program 

The Vollum Institute/OHSU Neuroscience Graduate Program has a limited number of summer fellowships for college students who are looking for hands-on research experience in neuroscience. The program is designed to enhance opportunities for students who are interested in attending graduate school in neuroscience. Learn more about the Neuroscience Graduate Program.

Other OHSU Internship Opportunities

K-12 Enrichment Programs
Provides information about enrichment programs for students in K-12

Higher Education Programs
Provides a list of higher education resources including research, academic, health care career exploration and internship programs.

Dental Exploring Program
Provides high school participants with a general perception of what a career in dentistry is all about.

OHSU Science Education Opportunities
Provides educational and community service opportunities to students, teachers and OHSU employees to increase science literacy throughout the region and inspire the next generation of health and science professionals.

Other Internship Opportunities

The HHMI Research Training Fellowships for Medical Students Program (Medical Fellows Program)
Enables medical, dental, and veterinary students from U.S. schools to spend a year conducting basic, translational, or applied biomedical research at any school or nonprofit research institution in the United States, except at the NIH in Bethesda, MD.

The HHMI-NIH Research Scholars Program (Cloister Program)
Enables medical, dental, and veterinary students from U.S. schools to spend 9 to 12 months conducting basic, translational, or applied biomedical research in one of the many laboratories on the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland. Novel aspects of this program include housing for all Scholars together on the NIH campus, and student selection of preceptor and research project after acceptance into the program.