Employee Resource Groups


OHSU seeks to attract, retain, and develop the best talent available, and create an environment that values diversity and inclusion. Our continued success depends on the diverse skills, experiences, and backgrounds that our employees bring to OHSU. To help foster employee growth and development while meeting the needs of a more diverse employee workforce, OHSU supports the formation and ongoing success of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

What are ERGs?

ERGs are OHSU-sponsored and employee-managed groups, and are comprised of people from underrepresented backgrounds or who share a common background or similar interest, and include their allies. ERGs offer opportunities for employees to learn about and better appreciate others whose backgrounds may be different from their own, and whose goals and policies align with OHSU's diversity goals. ERGs provide opportunities for career development, social support, networking, mentoring and community participation, and help promote cultural awareness and employee engagement.

What groups are available, and how do I connect?

Ability Resource Group 

The Ability Resource Group serves as a resource to bring individuals with disabilities together with their allies to create a safe place to voice concerns and to provide peer support. The group seeks to continuously improve accessibility at OHSU and to create a culture of inclusion. It is committed to advocating for the rights of individuals with disabilities and to educate and nurture awareness of the strengths they bring to the OHSU community. To get involved, contact ability@ohsu.edu. View the Ability Resource Group page (OHSU network users)

Asian Pacific Islander Employee Resource Group

The Asian Pacific Islander Employee Resource Group (API ERG) provides opportunities for the OHSU API community and their supporters to create awareness and further develop healthcare cultural competency among OHSU students, faculty, researchers, clinicians and staff. The API ERG creates and preserves an inclusive space to build and strengthen a Pan-Asian/Pacific Islander identity, and advocate for the diverse needs of API communities. To connect, email api@ohsu.edu or connect on Facebook. View the API ERG page (OHSU network users).

Black Employee Resource Group

The Black ERG, open to all faculty and staff, hosts networking and skill development events, with a specific emphasis on enhancing cultural competency and advancing diversity and inclusion. To get involved, email blackerg@ohsu.edu. View the Black ERG page (OHSU network users)

International Employee Resource Group

The International Employee Resource Group (IERG) shares resources about adjusting to OHSU and the Pacific Northwest by connecting international employees , students and volunteers with OHSU services, community organizations, cultural events and diverse businesses. The IERG helps OHSU's international members to expand their social network and support each other in new cultural environments. To learn more, email ierg@ohsu.edu or view the International ERG page (OHSU network users)

Latinos Unidos Employee Resource Group

The mission of the Latino Unidos Employee Resource Group is to provide an opportunity for current OHSU employees, students and volunteers to connect and collaborate across the institution to feel welcomed and valued, in addition to bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to promote diversity and inclusion activities, making visible the richness of diversity in the OHSU community. To learn more, email latinosunidos@ohsu.edu.

Middle Eastern Employee Resource Group 

The Middle Eastern Employee Resource Group (MEERG) mission is to support OHSU's growth and success globally, bridge the OHSU and Middle Eastern cultures, empower members through development and cross functional opportunities while fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion at OHSU. MEERG provides opportunities for the OHSU Middle Eastern community and their supporters to create awareness and further develop healthcare cultural competency among OHSU students, faculty, researchers, clinicians and staff. To learn more, contact the Center for Diversity and Inclusion.

Native American Employee Resource Group

The mission of the Native American ERG exists to be a resource throughout OHSU and to community members interested in Native American culture, issues, and health. The Native American ERG uses its resources to provide educational outreach, spread awareness, and promote thoughtful discussion between its members and allies. The group supports American Indians and Alaska Natives to improve and maintain physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being with respect for all cultural traditions and to advocate for all Indian people by leveraging existing resources at OHSU, especially the most vulnerable members of our community. To learn more, contact the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. View the Native ERG page (OHSU network users)

OHSU Pride

The mission of OHSU Pride is to foster an inclusive environment that promotes LGBTQ wellness, education, research and advocacy within and across OHSU and the community. To learn more, visit the Pride website or email OHSU Pride.

Veterans Employee Resource Group

This is an emerging resource group for service people—active, retired, reserves, students and family members or friends of veterans are all welcome. Meetings provide an opportunity to meet other veterans and their supporters and learn how this ERG can be beneficial to veterans and the OHSU community. Email verg@ohsu.edu for more information.

Women's Employee Resource Group

The Women's ERG hosts women-focused events, meetings, networking opportunities, discussions, social gatherings and presentations. It is open to all faculty, administration, students and staff. To learn more, email women@ohsu.edu or connect on Facebook. OHSU employees and students can also visit the WERG website (OHSU network users).

Interested in starting an ERG?

Please email the