Cultural Competency Lecture Series

The staff in the Center for Diversity & Inclusion believe that developing and enhancing cultural competency is an life-long process that helps us to better understand ourselves and others, communicate effectively, and work across cultures. As we are all cultural beings who possess multiple identities, including but not limited to race and ethnicity, sex and gender, sexual orientation, ability/disability, religious affiliation, and socioeconomic status, understanding how our own identities and others' intersect is critical to developing cultural competency. The Cultural Competency Lecture Series provides opportunities to learn about various aspects of diversity and develop tools for working in a complex and multicultural health care system.

Cultural competence is a set of congruent behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come together in a system, agency, or among professionals that enables effective work in cross-cultural situations. Cultural competence in health care is being sensitive to issues related to culture, race, gender, sexual orientation, social class and economic situation.


"Casey Eye Outreach to Eliminate Preventable Blindness in Native Communities" - video

David J. Wilson, M.D., and Christine Flores, M.P.H., Casey Eye Institute

"Improving Practice: Providing Care for Native American Patients" - video

Kerri Smith Slingerland (Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa), MSW CSWA, OHSU Rehabilitation Navigator

"Beyond Negotiation: A Return to Native American Environmental Wisdom" - video 

Jon A. Waterhouse (S'Skallam/Chippewa Cree Descent), Indigenous Peoples Scholar, Environmental Health Team at OHSU Center for Coastal Margin Observation &Prediction

"Advancing Native Health and Wellness: Working with Native Women" - video

Amanda S. Bruegl, M.D., M.S. OHSU Assistant Professor Division of Gynecologic Oncology in Department of OB/GYN

"HIV/AIDS in the African-American Community" - video | PDF 

Christopher Evans, M.D., Assistant Professor of General Internal Medicine


Cultural Competency Series Lecture Posters

"Medical Care for Transgender Youth"

Jenn Burleton, Executive Director, TransActive

"I Have a Reservation" - video | PDF

Capt. Stephen "Miles" Rudd, M.D., Portland Area Indian Health Service

"Policy, Ethics & Communications in Tribal and Rural Communities" - video | PDF

Sarah Kastelic, Ph.D., Deputy Director, National Indian Child Welfare Association

"Disability Inequity in the Workplace"

Dan Friess, Executive Director, Incight

"Depression in African-Americans" - video | PDF

Elisa Torres, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Tribes, Treaties and Natural Resource Management" - video

Hon. Elizabeth Furse

"Learn About Disability Etiquette"

Workshop led by Employee Resource Group members

"LGBT Patient-Centered Care" - info

Webinars offered by the Human Rights Campaign

"Microaggressions in Everyday Life" - video (OHSU only) | PDF

Derald Wing Sue, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Education, Columbia University   

"Patient Care in the Context of Culture" - video 

Panel discussion among OHSU faculty and physicians in the schools of Medicine and Nursing

"Strategic Diversity Leadership" - video

Damon Williams, Ph.D., Chief Education Officer, Boys and Girls Clubs of America

"The Facts and Fears of Human Migration"

Ronault "Polo" Catalani, City of Portland Office of Human Rights

"I, Too, Am America" - video

Alisha Moreland-Capuia, M.D., Oregon Health & Science University

"Diabetes: Facing the Future" - video

Andrew Ahmann, M.D., Director, Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center



Cultural Competency Lecture Series Posters

"What a Career in Indian Health Has Taught Me" - PDF

Captain Thomas Weiser, M.D., M.P.H., Portland Area Indian Health Service

"Disability, Diversity and Inclusion" - PDF

Steve Hanamura, President, Hanamura Consulting

"LGBT Patient-Centered Care" - info

Webinars offered by the Human Rights Campaign

"Empowering Latinos in Oregon" - video

Gale Castillo, Founder and President, Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber

"Asian Pacific Islanders in Oregon" - video

Joseph Santos-Lyons, Executive Director, Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon

"We Live the History We Make"

Michael Alexander, President, Urban League of Portland

"Embracing Diversity and Inclusion: One Woman's Journey"video 

Sheryl Heron, M.D., M.P.H., Assistant Dean for Clinical Education, Emory University School of Medicine



"Women Don't Ask" - video

Sara Laschever, co-author of Women Don’t Ask and Ask for It

"LGBT Patient-Centered Care" - info

Webinars offered by the Human Rights Campaign

"Meaningful Engagement: Increasing Minority Participation in Research in an Academic Health Center" - video

Monica Parker, M.D., Assistant Professor, Emory University School of Medicine

"Hypertension among Hispanics in the United States" - video

Carlos Crespo, Dr.Ph., M.S., Portland State University

"Engaging Differences: A Dialogue around Definitions, Challenges & Strategies" - video

K.A. Lalsingh, Black Studies Department, Portland State University

Celebrating Women's History Month Diversi-Tea

Oregon Senator Avel Gordly

"Do You See Me? Reflections on the African American Experience" - video

Judge Adrienne Nelson, Multnomah County Circuit Court



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