Diversity Resources

Diversity resources

The Center for Diversity & Inclusion (CDI) offers several diversity resources, through strategic partnerships, training and development opportunities, and compilations of resources and connections within the greater Portland area.

CDI partners with numerous departments and advisory groups at OHSU to meet OHSU's diversity goals. Through these strategic collaborations, CDI is reinforcing OHSU's diversity commitment at every level. CDI provides training and resources to help OHSU's academic units, hospitals and other campus groups to achieve cultural awareness and diversity goals.

Diversity Resource Guide: A comprehensive list of community resources, organizations and businesses in Portland that serve the needs of diverse, multicultural communities.

CultureVision: Online tool that provides information about general cultural archetypes, and prevalences within cultures.

Consumer Health Information in Multiple Languages: The National Library of Medicine's MedlinePlus has a multilingual feature, providing access to high quality health information in many languages. This new service, linked from the MedlinePlus homepage, benefits people who prefer to read consumer health information in their native language. It also helps the information professionals and health care providers who serve them.

Cultural Awareness Guide for Religious and Spiritual Accommodations: The Center for Diversity and Inclusion has prepared this Cultural Awareness Guide to enhance awareness pertaining to faith-based practices and events. The guide also serves as an educational resource for the myriad of religions and beliefs, and offers crucial information about dates and practices that will be helpful to those planning activities, events, meetings, and co-curricular events that impact OHSU students, employees, and patients. This resource is also available on the CDI's OHSU Bridge site, can be synchronized with an OHSU e-mail account to provide an optional overlay with a Microsoft Outlook calendar.

LGBTQ Resources: This LGBTQ Resources List is a collection of online resources for students and employees that have been gathered by the Center for Diversity &Inclusion. The LGBTQ Health Brochure lists many of OHSU's health resources for the LGBTQ community, as well as information regarding programs, services, and enrichment opportunities.