Unconscious Bias Initiative

One of OHSU's core values is diversity. The first goal of vision 2020 is to be a great organization, diverse in people and ideas. Diversity and inclusion maximize our true business potential, creativity, innovation, quality patient care, educational excellence and outstanding service.

In an effort to build an inclusive community, OHSU launched a campus-wide initiative on unconscious bias in January 2018. Numerous studies conducted across the country have shown how unconscious bias contributes to imbalances in hiring, promotion and compensation for certain racial, ethnic and gender groups. 

The Unconscious Bias Campus-wide Initiative is part of many ongoing efforts led by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion to remove barriers to individual and group success. Phase one of the initiative comprises a two-hour training for employees and the identification of ambassadors. Departments and workgroups are encouraged to take the training together to strengthen diversity and inclusion within their respective units. The learning sessions emphasize ways to enhance individual knowledge, as well as team functionality.

Phase two of the initiative involves the implementation of the Inclusion Ambassadors Program. Representatives from each department or workgroup serve as collaborators to support continued learning opportunities for employees, share tools and best practices, and provide feedback. The Inclusion Ambassadors Program is an important part of the Unconscious Bias Campus-wide Initiative because ambassadors will help foster understanding beyond the initial two-hour training by ensuring learning becomes part of day-to-day work culture.