Strategic Plan

Vision 2020, our dynamic strategic plan, supports continuous quality improvement across OHSU. Vision 2020 goals and strategies guide planning throughout the organization by providing a shared framework for decision-making and by enhancing our ability to achieve our vision:

OHSU will partner to make Oregon a national leader in health and science innovation for the purpose of improving the health and well-being of all Oregonians and beyond.

Fulfilling our mission

OHSU Vision 2020 provides a roadmap to where we want to be in the year 2020. Vision 2020’s six goals focus our actions and establish our commitment to sustainable excellence in all mission areas:

  1. Be a great organization, diverse in people and ideas.
  2. Develop and retain a faculty that will collaborate to drive excellence and innovation across OHSU.
  3. Join others in developing policy and care delivery solutions that improve access to high-quality health care for all, especially Oregonians.
  4. Help meet Oregon’s health and science workforce needs through innovative education strategies.
  5. Align OHSU enterprises to support robust and sustainable innovation and research.
  6. Generate and deploy OHSU resources to sustain an environment where faculty and staff committed to top performance can excel.

Transforming OHSU

Over the past several years, Vision 2020 has helped transform OHSU. Today we have a more diverse environment. Philanthropy, research funding, and faculty excellence have substantially increased. OHSU is a better environment for research and innovation; and it is a better place to be a patient, provide care, and educate students.

Vision 2020 v. 2013 addresses current and anticipates future opportunities, including the changing healthcare environment, new and disruptive technologies, globalization, changing workforce dynamics and needs, expansion and partnerships, economic uncertainty, educational transformation, and new models of care delivery—just to name a few.

OHSU Vision 2020 was developed in 2007, updated in 2009, and revised again in 2013. Many of the strategies and tactics of the original Vision 2020 and of the 2009 revision have now been implemented. Moving forward, Vision 2020 v. 2013 provides a planning framework to align units at the highest level, supporting focused planning and collaboration across OHSU’s healthcare, research, education and service missions.

Transparent and inclusive planning

Transparency and broad-based participation are crucial to OHSU’s success and to our planning process. OHSU Vision 2020 v. 2013 strategies were developed with input from faculty and the greater OHSU community. Each of the plan’s six goals has 3 - 6 strategies that can be implemented on the unit level. Individual units will develop plans with specific, measureable tactics to support their sustainable development, and to implement shared institutional strategies and goals. This allows planning on the unit-level to be focused, while encouraging collaboration, and ensures that strategic planning aligns throughout OHSU.

Because change is the only constant, strategic planning is an ongoing process at OHSU. We will evaluate our progress as we work together to implement Vision 2020 v. 2013. We will inevitably evolve internally as we implement elements of the plan and as we respond to the needs of the ever-changing environment in which we educate tomorrow’s health and science workforce, support innovation and research, and provide quality care.

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