Data Management Plan


A Data Management Plan is a formal document that describes how you will handle your data during the course of your research and at the conclusion of your study or project.


Many funding bodies require Data Management and Sharing Plans to be submitted with new grant applications. Additionally, creating a Data Management Plan aids in planning and organizing your data during the course of your research, and assists with sharing and preserving your data at the conclusion of your project.


Library staff can help you build and write your Data Management Plan (DMP).

Considerations for writing your DMP:
  • Types of data, such as resources used, descriptions of samples, physical collections, software used, reagents used, materials produced in the course of the project
  • Standards to be used for data and metadata format.
    • For more information on data standards, see the "Identifying appropriate metadata and data standards" section on the Share and Archive page.
  • Policies for access and sharing
  • Policies and provisions for re-use, redistribution, and production of derivatives
  • Licensing your data
  • Steps to address privacy, legal, ethical or security concerns
  • Plans for archiving data and preservation of access to them
    • Additional information about sharing and archiving data is available on the Share and Archive page.
Examples of NIH Data Sharing plans are available here. Additional information about Resource Sharing Plans is available here.

Funding agency requirements

NIH | Requires a paragraph following the Research Plan section of the proposal that describes how data will be shared | View policy here.
Additional information about the NIH resource sharing policies is available on their website and in this podcast.

NSF | Requires a maximum 2 page data plan for data management and sharing of the products of research for all proposals | View policy here.

Other Funding Agencies | Many other funding agencies have requirements for data sharing. For detailed information, click here.

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