Theses, Dissertations, Capstones, & Portfolios

The Library requires OHSU students to submit an electronic copy of their master’s thesis, doctoral dissertation, capstone or portfolio. They will be accessible in the Student Scholar Archive roughly one month after they are submitted unless a delayed release is requested as described below.

Students should email their electronic copy in PDF format along with these forms to at least two weeks before signed forms are due in the Graduate Office. You should sign electronically if possible. The page containing your committee members' signatures should not be filled out for the copy you submit to the library. However, your department may still need the original signature page.

Workstations in the library are set up with all necessary applications. Limited support can be arranged prior to submission. Other files, such as audio, video or images, may also be included. If your work cannot be submitted via email, you can also submit it on a flash drive."

Options for Electronic Publishing

  • The document is published as "open access" and is made available for worldwide access immediately. This is the recommended option.
  • The document is published on "delayed" or "secured" release. Reasons for this may include waiting for publication of sections of the thesis, waiting for patent applications to process, or for other valid reasons which would be determined by the school with guidance from the thesis advisor and student. The maximum period for this delay is three years. At the end of this time, the thesis will be released for worldwide access.

If you have any questions about your thesis, doctoral dissertation, capstone or portfolio, please contact Kyle Banerjee at or 503-494-0883.

The OHSU Library no longer accepts print copies. Students should check with their departments for any additional requirements. The OHSU Library recommends those who desire bound or printed copies to utilize commercially available services.