Computing Services

Remote Access

Connecting from home or doing research outside of OHSU?

  • OHSU faculty, staff, and enrolled students can access licensed Library's electronic resources remotely from off-campus computers.  All you need is a valid OHSU network username and password. 
  • Oregon Licensed Health Professionals: Please click here for more info regarding how to use library barcode to access a limited suite of resources funded by the Oregon Medical Board.

EZproxy - Off Campus Access: Looking for a button to login?

  • There isn't one. To get off campus access, all you need to do is start your research from the OHSU Library web site.  No setups required.
  • When accessing a journal or database, the system will determine your location and will prompt you to log in if needed. 

For more information on using EZproxy for off-campus access, please see pages below:

If you have questions regarding off-campus access to Library resources or any other issues, please contact us.   

Printing & Copying


GoPrint, a self-service printing option, is available to use from OHSU public computers at the library in the BICC and the Graduate Learning Resource Center. Black and white prints are .08 cents per page and color prints are .25 cents per page.

When you print a document, you will be prompted by the GoPrint login. Login to GoPrint with your OHSU network name and password.

Add money or "value" to your account if necessary ($5 minimum).

Retrieve your prints from the nearest print release station.

General public computers in the BICC building print automatically to a printer located behind the Service Desk and cost .10 cents per page.

Please see Library staff at the Service Desk if you need assistance with printing.


Fee-based copier access is available on the 3rd floor of the OHSU Library located in BICC. Library users have the option of paying cash (.10 cents per page) or applying for a copy code at the Copy Center for copies at a reduced rate.

Please visit the Copy Center, located in the basement of Baird Hall, to set up a departmental account or to add funds to an individual account. The Copy Center is open Monday - Friday, 8 - 4:30 and can be reached by calling 503-494-5156.



Coming soon


OHSU Guest Wireless Network

Public wireless

OHSU provides this service at no charge—the public wireless network is outside of OHSU's internal network and is not protected by its firewall.

Terms of service

OHSU assumes no responsibility or liability for any damages or activities resulting from the use of this service. This is an unsupported service offered "as is" and without any guarantee or warranty of availability. By clicking the Connect button on the wireless connection Web page, you agree to these terms of service and agree to hold OHSU harmless in any legal or judicial recourse resulting from your use of this service.

Patient health information

Never send patient health information (PHI) over the public wireless network.

How to connect

  1. Configure your wireless device. The Network Name (SSID) of the public wireless is OHSU-Guest (case sensitive).
  2. Open a Web browser. You'll see the OHSU public wireless disclaimer Web page.
  3. Click the Connect button in the middle of the page.

Note: Computers and operating systems may differ and some steps may not exactly represent all configurations.

OHSU also has a private wireless network.  Please visit: for more information.

Services for People with Disabilities

The OHSU Library is committed to providing access to its physical and electronic information resources. An appointed liaison from the Library acts to ensure continuing attention to the needs of people with disabilities. The liaison works with Library staff and other OHSU public service units to provide individualized accommodation when appropriate.

Facility Access

The Library in the BICC building is located on Sam Jackson Park Road west of the Hatfield Research Center and Emergency Room (building 9 on the campus map). Designated metered parking for people with disabilities is available on the top level of the parking structure opposite the Library building. Elevators, rest rooms, paging phones and most workstations in the BICC Library are wheelchair accessible. People needing assistance in accessing or operating copy machines or the compact shelving should ask for assistance at the Library Service Desk.


Library services are available to people with disabilities, including access to print and electronic collections and the use of computers, printers, photocopiers and audiovisual equipment. Use of some of these services may require assistance. Prior contact with the liaison is encouraged when extensive assistance is anticipated and can be arranged by contacting the OHSU Library Service Desk at (503) 494-3460 or by emailing Access to the Library's electronic resources, including the catalog, databases and electronic books and journals, is available to all library visitors. Library computers have a program installed called “Ease of Access” that includes settings that make it easier for people to see their computer and use the mouse and keyboard.

Retrieval of Books and Journals

Books: Up to 5 items will be pulled from the collection in the BICC Library while you wait. For more than 5 items, or for items at other OHSU library locations, please submit a list to the OHSU Library Service Desk in person, or by e-mail to Items will typically be retrieved within 48 hours and you will be notified when the materials are available.

Journals: Up to 5 articles from the collection in the BICC Library will be photocopied while you wait. For more than 5 items, or for items at other OHSU library locations, please submit a list to the Library Service Desk in person, or by e-mail to Items will typically be copied within 48 hours and the usual copy fee of $.10 cents per page will apply.


Please contact us if you have questions or call the Library Service Desk at (503) 494-3460. 

Computer Workstations

What kinds of computers does the OHSU Library provide?

The OHSU Library provides PC workstations for use by OHSU faculty, staff, and students.  The library also provides several PCs for the general public.

Who can use the computers, and how do I log in?

Except for workstations provided for general public use, all library computers are reserved for OHSU faculty, staff, and students only.  To use the PCs, you must log in with your OHSU network ID and password.

Can I run personal/other software on the library's workstations?

No, only software that is licensed for network use and that has been installed and tested by the library's computer support staff can be deployed on library workstations.

Is the library's internet access restricted/filtered?

No, but all users must comply with the library's Public Workstation Use Policy, OHSU's policy, Acceptable Use of Computing and Telecommunications Resources, and all other applicable OHSU and library policies.