General Practice Residency

OHSU Oral Surgery radiograph

The General Practice Residency is a one-year program that introduces dentists to Adult Hospital practice.  It facilitates optimal comprehensive oral and systemic health for patients in a dynamic contemporary clinical, educational and scientific environment.  The program emphasizes treatment of patients with special needs, including those patients whose medical, physical, psychological, or social situations require modification of normal oral health treatment modalities for care. 

The program is located in two primary sites- the OHSU Hospital on Marquam Hill and the School of Dentistry on OHSU's South Waterfront campus.  Residents complete rotations in clinics in three hospitals: OHSU, Kaiser Permanente and Providence Health System.  As one of OHSU's ACGME programs, the GPR offers a competitive salary and benefits. 

Goals and Objectives

  • Provide evidence based patient centered dental care to a wide variety of people, including the special needs patient population that includes those patients whose medical, physical, psychological, or social situations require modification of normal oral health treatment modalities
  • Admit a patient into the hospital, perform a history and physical examination, orderand assess laboratory tests, consult with physicians and other medical specialists, administer per/peri/post-operative care, and perform treatment in an operating room setting
  • Participate actively in a multidisciplinary treatment team
  • Serve the community, especially underserved/ low socioeconomic status patient populations
  • Provide consultative/ treatment services to all medical departments and services within OHSU, Kaiser Permanente, and Providence Health System
  • Select and apply appropriate means of pain and anxiety control, including local anesthesia, analgesics, oral/ N2O/ IV sedation, and general anesthesia via anesthesiologists
  • Recognize and manage medical emergencies in a dental setting, including advanced airway management, and pharmacological intervention
  • Understand and implement basic aspects of different types of practice administration, state of the art clinical charting systems and supervision of auxiliary personnel
  • Critically review and assess contemporary scientific literature that demonstrates the scientific principals in oral and systemic health care
  • Participate in organized dentistry
  • Self-assess abilities and limitations.


Hatfield Clinic

The Hatfield clinic provides a very robust exposure to the operating room, running 4-6 cases a week. Residents are involved with full mouth dental rehabilitation, including everything from full mouth extractions (to include impacted 3rd molars) to multiple restorations. Clinically, a significant amount of time is spent with implant restoration for head and neck cancer patients.

School of Dentistry CLSB Clinic

The emphasis is clinical dentistry: removable prosthetics, implant placement and restoration, operative dentistry and oral surgery (extractions, implant placement, biopsies).


Residents will complete rotation in the following areas.

Anesthesiology (Kaiser Permanente)

This 4 week rotation takes place at the Kaiser Interstate ambulatory surgery center. The full spectrum of anesthesia services are available to the resident. This fulfills the requirements for enteral and parenteral moderate sedation in the state of Oregon.

Family Medicine (OHSU)

Rotating with attendings and residents, this is a 4 week inpatient experience. Rounding in the morning with the team, residents evaluate patients and participate in their care. Details of heart and lung field evaluation is emphasized.

Otolaryngology/ Head & Neck Surgery (OHSU)

As a 4 week experience, residents participate both clinically and in the operating room. Head and neck cancer are highlighted. The resident participates in surgery learning among other things cutaneous closures.

Pediatric Dentistry (Providence Health System)

Taking place at the Providence Child's Center, the full spectrum of pediatric dentistry is experienced. From clinical evaluationto the operating room, all aspects of operative dentistry are provided.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (OHSU)

This is a 4 week experience in the full spectrum of oral & maxillofacial surgery (OMS). Rotating with OMS residents both clinically and in the operating room. Residents "scrub in" for the full OR experience. Cancer resection, reconstruction and ultimately rehabilitation are a large part of this rotation.