Jack Ferracane Innovation Award 2019

Dr. Jack Ferracane Awarded

Jack Ferracane, PhD. – 2019 Business Partnership Award

This award is presented to an OHSU community member that:      

  • works closely with Technology Transfer and Business Development (TTBD) to foster relationships with industry;
  • has an entrepreneurial spirit;
  • encourages industry connections across the institution; and
  • is open to establishing and developing new partnerships with business.

Jack Ferracane has been a key collaborator with various industry partners over the years in helping to develop and test various dental materials for durability and longevity as well as other bioactive materials. In FY2018 alone, he engaged in five funded industry partnerships, the most by an independent investigator at OHSU this past year. Over the last five years, Dr. Ferracane has entered into over 20 funded business partnerships, by far the most of any OHSU investigator over this time period. These are not big, splashy partnerships that will make the front page of the newspaper, but it shows the ability of Dr. Ferracane to be open to partnering with various businesses, and businesses want to engage and work with him. TTBD has worked with Dr. Ferracane to secure these industry funding arrangements to increase research support within the School of Dentistry and at OHSU. As the School of Dentistry expands its research capabilities and explores new business partnerships as detailed out by School of Dentistry Dean Dr. Philip Marucha during his keynote remarks at the 2018 Innovation Awards, Dr. Ferracane has been a key contributor and supporter of such efforts while further helping younger faculty explore various business partnering models. Dr. Ferracane and others in the School of Dentistry have been working with TTBD to explore new potential business partnerships and also beginning to strategize about the potential development of a biomaterials and biological testing research center, to attract even more business partners. TTBD values the comradery with Dr. Ferracane and looks forward to new and exciting business partnerships in the future.

(Dr. Danny Jacobs, Dr. Jack Ferracane)