Admissions Requirements

Pre-dental Education: A minimum of three years (90 semester or 135 quarter credit hours) completed at the time of application from a regionally accredited college or university in the United States or Canada is suggested. Full time enrollment is recommended with an emphasis in the basic sciences.

Foreign course work: Foreign course work will not be accepted.

Community College Limitations: It is recommended that a student attend no more than one year at a community college.

Pass/No Pass: Admissions requirements taken for P/NP credit will not fulfill our requirements. Please note: the only exception to this policy applies to students attending a very limited number of schools that solely offer P/NP grades for lab courses. If you are given the option to take a lab course P/NP or for a grade, you must take it for a grade.

Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate: While actual coursework is preferred, applicants may use AP or IB credit toward the fulfillment of prerequisite course requirements.  AP and IB courses may be accepted only if AP/IB credit is assigned to a specific course.  That course must also fulfill our prerequisite requirement and must appear on an official transcript.  AP and IB credit assigned to a general subject area will not fulfill this requirement.  No other document, such as a transfer credit report, an unofficial transcript or a letter from an academic advisor, will fulfill this requirement.

Grade Point Average (GPA): It is recommended that you have a minimum of 3.0 in both your cumulative overall GPA and required science/BCP (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) GPA.

Degree Requirement: Although OHSU does not require a baccalaureate (B.A./B.S.) degree for admission, it is highly recommended that you plan to complete a bachelor's degree prior to matriculation.


Required prerequisite courses

Courses - All courses must be completed for a grade of C or higher   
General Biology w/labs1   
General Chemistry w/labs1   
Organic Chemistry w/labs1   
Physics w/labs1   
Human Anatomy and Physiology w/ labs1   
Biochemistry w/lab2   
English Composition3   

1 Courses must be completed as part of a sequence (for example 201/202/203 or 201a/201b/201c).
2 Biochemistry lab is highly recommended but not required.
3 One year or the minimum number of credit hours required to meet your institution's bachelor degree requirement.
4 Two semesters or three quarters (i.e. 1 semester Anatomy and 1 semester Physiology OR 2 semesters/3 quarters of a combined Anatomy & Physiology sequence OR 3 quarters consisting of 2 quarters of Anatomy and 1 quarter of Physiology or 1 quarter of Anatomy and 2 quarters of Physiology). Upper division Human, Mammalian or Vertebrate Anatomy and Physiology courses preferred. *Please see the chart below for University of Oregon specific requirements.

Prerequisite table for OHSU's most common out-of-state feeder Colleges/Universities

Suggested additional preparation: Additional science courses such as microbiology, cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, histology and neuroscience are highly recommended . Study of the social and behavioral sciences, and humanities as well as the courses in the fine arts such as sculpture and 3-D drawing will enhance the student's ability to practice dentistry.

OHSU Dental Hygiene Graduates: OHSU Dental Hygiene graduates are held to the same pre-dental admissions requirements as all other applicants to the DMD program. Please consult with your pre-dental advisor or an OHSU admissions officer as many of the admissions requirements used to gain entrance into the Dental Hygiene program will not fulfill our dental school prerequisite requirements.

Dental Admission Test (DAT): The Dental Admission Test (DAT) is a standardized exam designed to assess general academic ability, knowledge of scientific information, and perceptual ability.

Canadian DAT scores are no longer accepted for those applicants applying for the entering class of 2014. Our priority deadline for receipt of official DAT scores is November 1. It is recommended, however, that the DAT be taken far enough in advance to allow for retake if needed. Only the most recent scores are considered. Applicants should achieve a minimum score of 15 in all DAT categories.

Dental Observation: Prior to application, applicants must have a minimum of 50 clinical observation hours in a dental setting. Of the 50 hours, we require a minimum of 25 hours in a general practice setting. The remaining 25 hours can continue to come from a general practice or a dental specialty office, a public health clinic, or any other clinical setting.

Application process

Submit the following to AADSAS by November 1:

Completed AADSAS Application: Applicants must submit an application through AADSAS (American Associated Dental Application Support Service) prior to our application deadline of November 1. The AADSAS application is exclusively a web-based application and is available at

Letters of Evaluation: OHSU requires two letters of evaluation from basic science faculty and one from a dental professional, or one pre-professional committee letter. If your pre-professional committee letter does not include an evaluation from a dentist, we ask that you send a supplemental letter of evaluation from a dentist under separate cover.

Official Transcripts: Forward official transcripts from all colleges and universities that you attended as instructed in the AADSAS instructions.

Official DAT Scores: To order official score reports please visit the American Dental Association online at or by calling (800) 621-8099. Our priority deadline for DAT scores is November 1.

Submit the Following to OHSU by November 1:

Application timeline

Timeline for students applying to enter in August 2019

Contact faculty/advisors to request letters of evaluation (two from basic science faculty and one from a dentist OR one pre-professional committee letter which should also include a letter from a dentist). Have letters of evaluation sent directly to AADSAS when you submit your application.

May - August
Complete AADSAS application online. Also begin collecting official transcripts from all universities and colleges attended for submission with your AADSAS application. Draft personal statement and have it reviewed by reliable sources.

Summer (June - August)
Take DAT exam early leaving enough time to retake the exam if necessary.

By Labor Day
It is to your advantage to apply no later than Labor Day. A late application could jeopardize your chances for consideration.

End of September
School of Dentistry may request additional information.

October - March*
Applicants invited to interview at School of Dentistry.

OHSU's AADSAS application deadline and last preferred DAT score date.

December - March*
Acceptance letters sent to applicants.

Begin applying for financial aid. Priority financial aid deadline is March 1.

Enter OHSU School of Dentistry!

* Dates may vary due to rolling admissions cycle

Other general information

Health Requirements: All admitted students must meet OHSU's health and immunization requirements prior to matriculation. OHSU follows the guidelines for required immunizations issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and by the State of Oregon. Matriculating students will be asked to provide JBT Health & Wellness Center, OHSU's student health center, with proof of immunizations before Orientation. Students who are not in compliance 30 days after matriculation will have their registration privileges cancelled and be removed from school. Students must remain in compliance for the duration of their enrollment at OHSU. For more specific immunization information and other health requirements please visit the JBT Health & Wellness Center online or call (503) 494-8665.

Criminal History Reviews: Admitted students must complete a background disclosure form and undergo a criminal history review as part of the matriculation process. Prior conviction does not necessarily disqualify an admitted student from matriculation. However, prior conviction may impede one's ability to obtain a license to practice dentistry. Applicants with a criminal history should consult with their state licensing agency for those instances where licensing may not be a possibility.

The School of Dentistry retains the right to rescind an accepted student based on any negative infraction as a result of our criminal history review. The admitted student has the right to inspect and challenge the results of the inquiry. Information about federal civil rights law and arrest records may be obtained through the Bureau of Labor and Industries.

Drug Screening: Beginning in 2008, all newly admitted students must successfully complete a drug screening within 14 days from the date of matriculation. This requirement is one way OHSU demonstrates its commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for employees, students, patients and visitors. Positive test results may immediately disqualify an admitted student from enrollment. The admitted student has the right to inspect and challenge the results of the inquiry.

OHSU policy indicates that no person shall be under the influence of any unlawful drug, any alcohol, or any misused prescription drug while on OHSU premises. Students suspected of being under the influence in violation of this prohibition may be required to submit to a drug or alcohol test at cause.

Students with Disabilities: OHSU is committed to providing equal access to qualified students who experience a disability in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, and the ADA Amendments Act (ADA-AA) of 2008.  If you have a disability or think you may have a disability (physical, sensory, chronic health, psychological, learning, or other) please contact the Office for Student Access at (503) 494-0082 or to discuss eligibility for academic accommodations.  Information is also available at  Because accommodations may take time to implement and cannot be applied retroactively, it is important to have this discussion as soon as possible.  All information regarding a student's disability is kept in accordance with relevant state and federal laws.

OHSU Employees as Students: It is the responsibility of OHSU employees seeking to pursue individual courses for academic credit or an academic degree or certificate within OHSU to notify the academic program of their employment status prior to registering or accepting admissions to ensure the activity does not impact their work schedule and to minimize potential conflicts of interest.

Current OHSU students intending to accept an employment offer (excluding positions identified as Student Employment or Student Work Study) from an OHSU department must notify their academic program prior to accepting the position.

Reapplication: Applicants who have submitted applications in previous years and are seeking to reapply must submit an entirely new application and supporting documentation. No materials from previous applications will be used to complete your application documentation requirements.

Deferred Admissions: OHSU does not offer an option to defer admissions. Accepted applicants who wish to postpone enrollment must reapply through AADSAS during a subsequent application cycle.

Transfer Applications: OHSU does not accept applications from students seeking to transfer from other dental schools.

Advanced Standing: OHSU does not offer an advanced standing program for foreign-trained dentists.