The Practice-based Research in Oral Health (PROH) Network has the infrastructure to perform a wide variety of oral health research studies in a diversity of practice settings across Oregon and southwest Washington. It is designed to address certain shortcomings of clinical research as it is currently carried out.

The PROH Network is practitioner-centric with the participating practitioners and investigators actively involved in generating project ideas, as well as conducting the studies.

We also have the expertise, not just in the School of Dentistry, but in the university at large, to make this project a success.

The Network provides great flexibility as to future directions for research. The existing infrastructure has sufficient numbers and a variety of practitioners and practice settings to conduct virtually any clinical research project. It also serves as a focus for outreach by the dental school, and provides opportunities for involvement of the dental school with practices in rural and/or underserved communities. To this end, PROH is actively engaged with the Oregon Rural Practice-based Research Network (ORPRN) to investigate projects of mutual interest.