The PROH Network is truly multidisciplinary in nature. Over 150 practitioners in 40 communities in Oregon and Southwest Washington have expressed interest in becoming PROH investigators. It is designed to meet the needs of general practitioners as well as specialists and for those living in rural areas and metropolitan settings. The PROH Network is practitioner-centric with the participating practitioners and investigators actively involved in generating project ideas, as well as conducting the studies.

Expertise is committed from the School of Dentistry and OHSU at large to make this project a success. All of the departments within the School of Dentistry can utilize the PROH network. An agreement is in place with our medical counterpart, the Oregon Rural Practice-based Research Network (ORPRN), to share some of their on-site research coordinators. One joint study with ORPRN has been completed and both networks are vigilant to further opportunities for cooperation. The School of Medicine and Medical Informatics has been involved in the design of PROH's infrastructure, and data collection/data management systems for the Network.

The Network has the infrastructure to conduct virtually any clinical dental research project.