Student Research Group: Events

Fall term 2016

Meet the Mentor (lunch provided)
Monday, September 26th, 12-2 PM
Come get lunch and meet the faculty mentors, professors, and resident students conducting research. Learn about their research topics and potential projects for you. If you're a DS1, you may be interested in finding a professor with whom you can apply for a research fellowship (see below) to design and execute a summer project. If you're a DS3 or DS4, you may be more interested in answering a clinical question using a literature survey in a CaseCAT poster presentation. Or you may just want to help out a professor in their lab to get your feet wet. Whatever your level of interest, come have a chat and get involved!

Meet the Mentor: Follow-Up
Monday, October 10th, 12-2 PM
After you've thought about an area of interest, come to this smaller, less formal meeting to talk to more professors, and meet some who might have been absent in the first meeting. Since it can be intimidating deciding on a project and committing your time to it, this meeting is intended for you to get more comfortable with the process and figure out your project's details before the fellowship application deadlines get too close.

Dean's Seminar (lunch provided)
Monday, October 24th
Laurie Gower from the University of Florida College of Dentistry will talk about "From Bones to Stones- Mimicking Hard Tissue Formation in the Beaker."

Research Fellowships - Writing Workshop
Monday, November 2nd 12-2 PM

Come watch a presentation from Dr. Agnieszka Balkowiec about what kinds of opportunities are available to students for research projects (such as the AADR Fellowship and the OHSU SoD Dean's Fellowship) and how to write an application for one!  Students who want to do a research project usually put an application together in late Fall or early Winter, and plan to do their experiments the following Summer when school doesn't soak up all their time.  We will cover the nuts-and-bolts of the application process and give you a timeline, and show you some applications students have put together in the past.  You will work with your mentor personally on the details, but this meeting is designed to give you some support and direction in putting together a strong application.  Dr. Balkowiec has a lot of experience with student application writing and has had a lot of success in guiding students through the process, so this session will be very helpful.

Dean's Seminar (lunch provided)
Monday, November 14th
Keith Kirkwood from the Medical University of South Carolina will talk about "Therapeutic Opportunities to Control Osteoclastogenesis in Periodontitis."

Winter term 2017

Dean's Seminar (lunch provided)
Monday, January 9th
Speaker TBA

Dean's Seminar (lunch provided)
Monday, February 13th
Paul Krebsbach from the UCLA School of Dentistry

School of Dentistry Research Day
Thursday, March 9th
Research Day is held every year and serves to highlight the research activities and achievements that have been made by faculty, staff and students within the school. Research is an integral component of the mission of the school, significantly contributing to the education and clinical training of the students. The Keynote speaker is TBA.

Spring term 2017

ODC Poster Competitions
Saturday, April 8th

On Saturday morning of the Oregon Dental Conference (April 6-8, 2017)  ODC judges will rank student research and CaseCAT posters!

Dean's Seminar (lunch provided)
Monday, April 17th
Speaker TBA

Dean's Seminar (lunch provided)
Monday, May 15th
William Giannobile, University of Michigan, will talk about Regenerative Medicine, Tissue Engineering, and and Salivary Diagnostics

Dean's Seminar (lunch provided)
Monday, June 5th
Speaker TBA