2010 Hooding & Commencement

"We have chosen our profession, or perhaps it has chosen us, because we want to contribute to a better, healthier world. Today’s ceremony honors that dedication to the goal of improving human health."

Mark Richardson, MD, MBA, Dean, School of Medicine


From Dean Richardson: Congratulations Class of 2010!


Dear School of Medicine community:

Congratulations Class of 2010! On June 1, I was honored to take part in the OHSU School of Medicine’s annual hooding and commencement ceremony. Friends, parents, children, grandparents and others – including many faculty members – came together to celebrate the enormous achievements and hard work of our newest graduates.

Our 330 graduates – including 118 MD degrees, four MD/PhD degrees, five MD/MPH degrees, 32 PhDs, 15 MPH degrees, 84 master’s and master’s of science degrees, and 72 graduate certificates in biomedical informatics, dietetics and other health care sub-specialties – join a long and proud tradition dating back 123 years to 1887 when the OHSU School of Medicine was first established.

In turn, their achievement also belongs to our faculty. Your dedication to teaching and guiding the Class of 2010 – as well as current students and thousands who have gone before – is, by extension, a commitment to the health and well-being of the countless people in Oregon and around the world whose lives intersect with our graduates.
At this time of year, we also recognize exceptional students and faculty members with honors and awards. Congratulations to all of you. You’ll find more information about these award recipients below.

On a personal note, four years ago, I was appointed Dean and this graduating MD class was the first group of students I welcomed in that role. Today, as I presented them with their hoods and degrees, I thought back to the late summer day in 2006 when I presented this same group with their first white coat. Watching all our students become talented physicians, scientists, physician assistants, policy makers, and more is the most rewarding part of my position.

I am pleased to welcome the Class of 2010 into our distinguished community of men and women who dedicate their lives to health and healing. The future of health care needs great things from our graduates, and I know they are up to the challenge.


Mark Richardson, MD, MBA
Mark Richardson Signature
Dean, School of Medicine

A bird's Eye view of the ceremony

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"It is easy to say that we are enormously proud of you, for you represent the next generation of physicians and scientists with the individual and collective potential to truly make a difference in our future."

Tana Grady-Weliky, MD, Associate Dean for Medical Education


A Fresh Contingent of ‘Troops’ Enters Health Care Fray


June graduations at OHSU will put more ‘boots on the ground’ in the battle to plug a growing health care work force gap that likely will get wider when federal reforms take full effect in 2014.

“These are the ‘boots on the ground’ the nation urgently needs today and in ever-growing numbers in the future to meet the demand for health care services as we draw closer to the day in 2014 when most Americans will have health insurance,” said OHSU President Joe Robertson, MD, MBA.

Read the full OHSU media release


"Our Masters and PhD graduates leave us today equipped with tools to improve world health – as scientists, teachers, and health care providers. I look forward to hearing their stories of success in years to come."

Allison Fryer, PhD, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies


2010 School of Medicine Awards


At the end of the academic year, the School of Medicine recognizes students and faculty for academic and teaching excellence, or outstanding contributions to their field.

The Hooding Program lists awardees who were recognized at the June 1 ceremony. For more information on these and other awards, continue reading.

Check back regularly for updates – we’ll be adding more information about awards as it’s collected. Have an award to add? Let us know at somdeansoffice@ohsu.edu

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"With my sights set on academic hematology and medical oncology, this day represents the first step I take in fighting for those who carried me to this moment but who could not be here to see it."

Sharl S. Azar, MD, President, Class of 2010


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