About Us

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The OHSU School of Medicine is a vibrant community of educators, students, scientists, clinicians and others working side-by-side to heal, teach, discover and serve. We are proud of our uniquely collaborative and collegial environment.

Our faculty is dedicated to preparing physicians, scientists and health care professionals for the responsibilities of their calling, while also providing outstanding care to patients from Oregon and elsewhere. The OHSU School of Medicine faculty is recognized nationally and internationally for their pursuit of new knowledge in a breadth of investigative areas, ranging from molecular biology and cancer to heart disease, behavioral science and issues of public health.

The importance our physicians' and scientists' work grows continually as opportunities increase for new knowledge, for better disease treatment, and for a health care system that meets individual needs in a way that is affordable and available to all.

Our Mission

  • Provide programs to enhance human health, with an emphasis on improving health and access to care for all Oregonians.
  • Educate tomorrow’s physicians, scientists and other health professionals and prepare them for a lifetime of learning, leadership, discovery and service.
  • Develop new medical knowledge and technologies through basic, clinical and translational research.
  • Translate discoveries into effective health care and quality delivery.