SoM 2013 Hooding and Awards

"As a society, we've been talking about the promise of genetics for more than a decade, but our knowledge has advanced – thanks in part to research driven by OHSU. Your career will be defined by this transformative knowledge."

Mark Richardson, M.D., MBA, Dean, School of Medicine


From Dean Richardson: Congratulations Class of 2013!

Dr. RichardsonDear School of Medicine Community:

It was an honor to take part in the OHSU School of Medicine’s hooding and commencement ceremony on June 3. Held at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, it was a moment for celebration, reflection and joy – not just for our hard-working graduates – but their family, friends and our faculty members who joined them to recognize their notable achievements.

We awarded 530 degrees to 514 graduates this year. This includes 36 Ph.D. degrees, eight M.D./Ph.D. degrees, 118 M.D. degrees, four M.D./MPH degrees, 160 master’s degrees, 132 graduate certificates, 44 bachelor’s degrees and 28 associate’s degrees. In reading these numbers, it’s clear that the School of Medicine’s degree programs have diversified immensely since our founding in 1887, and along with this, our commitment to advancing human health has grown.

marquee6313I’d also like to share my appreciation for and achievements of our dedicated faculty members. During the commencement ceremonies, our graduates expressed gratitude for your role in their journey. With your mentorship, teaching and leadership, you helped the Class of 2013 arrive at this moment. We are all grateful for your dedication.

Welcome, Class of 2013, into the School of Medicine’s distinguished community of health professionals and scientists; we all share the goal of improving human health. The future of health care demands innovation and breakthroughs, and I am confident our graduates are up to the challenge.


Mark Richardson Signature
Mark Richardson, M.D., MBA
Dean, School of Medicine


"I want to remind each one of you that we have come together today to recognize your achievement as our students. Now, we charge you with the duty of service as our colleagues and peers. You have the potential, the skills and the responsibility to improve the human condition and to help solve society's greatest problems. We are confident that you will do so."

George Mejicano, M.D., Senior Associate Dean for Education


2013 School of Medicine Awards

At the end of the academic year, the School of Medicine recognizes students and faculty for academic and teaching excellence, or outstanding contributions to their field.

The Class of 2013 Commencement Program lists awardees who were recognized at the June 3 ceremony. A select few and additional awards not mentioned in the program are featured below:

goldheadedcane6313Awards and recipients

  • The Edward S. Hayes Gold-Headed Cane Award was presented to Brian Garvey, M.D.
  • The Leonard Tow Award for Humanism in Medicine (Student) was presented to Sarah Williams, M.D. The Leonard Tow Award for Humanism in Medicine (Faculty) was presented to Peter Sullivan, M.D., Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Hospital Medicine
  • The John A. Resko Research Achievement Awards were presented: Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award – Jonathan Fay, Ph.D., Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Faculty Excellence in Research and Faculty Excellence in Research and Mentoring Award – Peter Zuber, Ph.D., Professor, Division of Environmental and Biomolecular Systems
  • Continuing Medical Education Outstanding Faculty Awards were presented to Michelle Berlin, M.D., MPH, Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Scott Mader, M.D. (1955-2013)
  • Read the 2013 Commencement Program for more awards, including the M.D. Student Achievement Awards, the Outstanding Master's Thesis Award and Faculty Excellence Awards!

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"Because of your skills and the care you provide, the patient listens. Because you can bill for services and generate revenue, the hospitals, insurance companies and other healthcare businesses listen. Because you have taken an oath and are first and foremost compassionate healers, society (all of us here in this room) listen. Bearing in mind your influence, I call upon you to be agents of change, to demonstrate courage, and to help lead the disruptive innovation that is so desperately needed in healthcare."

Kyle Johnson, M.B.A., Graduate Studies student speaker



OHSU Media Release

media6313OHSU commencement ceremonies honor more than 1,000 new health care professionals

OHSU’s School of Medicine will award 530 degrees to 514 graduates this year, with some graduates receiving combined degrees.

“One of the reasons that I, and so many of our faculty members, choose to work at an academic health center like OHSU is the chance to interact with students, to see their enthusiasm and their idealism," said OHSU President Joe Robertson, M.D., MBA. "Commencement is a special day when we send new graduates out into the world to be health care providers, educators and research scientists – to improve the health and well-being of Oregonians.

To share news about our graduates, OHSU distributed this media release to all Oregon reporters and interested others.

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