Eight Behavioral Neuroscience Trainees Receive NIH NRSA Awards

Six Behavioral Neuroscience PhD graduate students – Anita Cservenka, Irina Fonareva, William Giardino, Noah Gubner, Travis Moschak, and Marcia Ramaker – and two Behavioral Neuroscience postdoctoral fellows – Jules Panksepp and Jonathan Raybuck – are now independently-funded researchers. They recently received notification of grant award for the following NIH-NRSA (F31 & F32) applications:

  • Anita Cservenka: Emotional processing and brain activity in youth at high risk for alcoholism
  • Irina Fonareva: Physiologic and expectancy effects of stress-reducing aroma in older adults
  • William Giardino: Edinger-Westphal urocortin-1 involvement in binge ethanol intake and reward
  • Noah Gubner: Effects of nicotine and varenicline on ethanol behaviors
  • Travis Moschak: Determining the neurological and behavioral substrates of ethanol and discounting
  • Marcia Ramaker: Neurosteroids and alcohol self-administration and reinstatement
  • Jules Panksepp: Vicarious neural activity, genetic differences, and social fear learning
  • Jonathan Raybuck: Neural substrates of recent and remote cocaine memories

Congratulations all!

This information is from the Department of Behavioral Neuroscience website here.