School of Medicine welcomes Class of 2014

08/20/10  Portland, Ore.

White Coat 2010

Tomorrow's physicians: From all walks of life

Wearing expressions that ranged from anxious to elated and holding neatly-folded white coats over their arms, the 124 members of the Class of 2014 filed into a packed auditorium buzzing with the anticipation of family and friends. While all had proven academic ability, their life experience, motivation for medicine and a passion for helping people had figured heavily in bringing them to this milestone moment.

“Our students work with patients within two weeks of entering medical school. That’s why it’s so important for our admissions committee to consider attributes like poise, altruism and communication skills once students have met our prerequisites for grades and test scores,” said Tana Grady-Weliky, MD, associate dean for medical education in the OHSU School of Medicine. “Physicians-in-training need character, commitment and heart in addition to a sharp scientific mind.”
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Med Students  Med Students

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