Excellence in the Biomedical Sciences

Hooding Ceremony 2008 PhD Graduates

Oregon Health & Science University offers an outstanding opportunity for graduate studies in the biomedical sciences. Over the last decade there has been a tremendous expansion of research programs at OHSU. OHSU has grown into a world-class teaching hospital and research center that draws in students, scientists and patients from across the country and around the world. At the same time, we retain our strong commitment to serving our local community.

The vigorous research programs and cutting edge research environment have created a unique opportunity for graduate education. Students can choose from over thirty-seven Ph.D. and Masters programs, as well as certificate programs and internship opportunities. Graduate students are taught and mentored by a Graduate Faculty composed of more than 300 scientists who are located in a variety of academic and research units within the medical school and university. Overall, OHSU's internationally respected scientists bring in approximately $300 million in funding for their projects each year, including numerous training awards for graduate students.

With three campus locations -- Marquam Hill main campus in the rolling hills of west Portland, the Center for Health & Healing in the heart of Portland's South Waterfront and the West Campus located in the 'Silicon Forest' of Hillsboro just minutes from the main Marquam Hill campus -- OHSU offers a diverse learning experience for our students. Ongoing investments in research laboratories and technologies provide superb physical resources. These include the Marquam Hill campus with it numerous research buildings, and the newly completed Biomedical Research Building, four floors of the Center for Health & Healing devoted to research units (including Biomedical Engineering, the Heart Research Center, the Knight Cancer Institute, the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute and pharmacy research), and the West Campus location.