Certificate Application

Application Instructions: HIP Certificate Track

Due: July 16th. Applications will be considered on a space available basis after this date. All applications are reviewed at one time and applicants will be notified of admission decision by mid-August.

Graduate students currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program at OHSU should contact the HIP program office before submitting an online application to learn about additional application material requirements.

1. Complete online application.  Apply Now

After log in, select Human Investigations Program for Fall 2017.  Choose Certificate Track as planned course of study even if your long-term plans includes the Master of Clinical Research.   Applications to the MCR track are only accepted after completing the first year curriculum. 

Special instructions - to avoid confusion and possible duplication with your OHSU employee account, it is recommended to enter your social security number in the application form where requested in order to match with your employee record even though this is optional if you are not requesting financial aid.  Social security numbers are kept securely in the Student System with limited access.

Submit the following material by e-mail to hip@ohsu.edu :

2. A current CURRICULUM VITAE, which includes education, residencies and fellowships. 

3. A SUPPORTING DOCUMENT answering the following questions (please keep each question to under a page in length).

  1. What are your professional responsibilities for the next 2 years? (Specify clinical, administrative and research time.)
  2. What are your career goals for the next 5-10 years and how will this course help you achieve these goals?
  3. Please discuss your research focus for the next two years, including specific proposals you plan to submit or implement. (If you have a research mentor, please note this.)
  4. List all research proposals or grants that you have submitted, including those that have not been funded.
  5. List all publications (if any) in journal format. Do not list abstracts.

Submit the following material by mail or personally deliver to:

Human Investigations Program
Mail Code: SN4N
Oregon and Clinical Translational Research Institute
Oregon Health & Science University
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd.
Portland, OR  97239-3098

Located on the 4th floor of the School of Nursing in the OCTRI Office Suite, SON 437.  

4. COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS.You must provide an official transcript from the university or college that granted your doctoral degree. The transcripts must arrive in a sealed envelope and should be mailed directly to the HIP program. Alternatively, if you submit the transcripts personally, they must be in a sealed (unopened), original envelope.*A notarized copy of your doctoral degree diploma is acceptable if a graduate from a foreign university and you are on faculty or staff of OHSU or the VA. Graduates from the OHSU School of Medicine do not need to order official transcripts and can just let us know.

5. LETTER of RECOMMENDATION. A letter of recommendation from your Department Chair or Training Director is required. In addition to requesting comments that will assist us in evaluating your application, we will also ask for a commitment of protected time to complete the program. 

Please download the Letter of Reference waiver form and send to the person providing the letter of reference. The letter of recommendation may be sent directly to the program office. If the letters are delivered by the applicant, the recommender should return the completed letter to you in a sealed envelope with their signature across the flap. Alternatively, the recommender may attach the letter in an e-mail to hip@ohsu.edu.

*If you are an applicant on faculty or staff at OHSU and have a degree from a foreign institution, you can submit a notarized copy of your highest degree.  If you are not on faculty or staff, and have a degree from a foreign institution, you are required to provide World Education Service (WES) International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP) credential evaluations for all foreign colleges attended. Applicants need to consult WES's website for instructions and fees at www.wes.org. The applicant will be responsible for the full cost of this service. All students with degrees from foreign institutions of all countries of origin will need to complete this service. If the applicant has already completed a similar credential evaluation through WES or another company, the Graduate Studies Office may evaluate on a case-by-case basis whether a WES ICAP will be needed.