Program Tracks and Requirements

The HIP curriculum consists of a set of core and elective courses. The core courses are offered in a fixed sequence over two years with opportunities for electives or an intense, accelerated curriculum. Students will be offered graduate level academic credit for each course. There are three programs or tracks for which a candidate may apply:

Certificate Track

The certificate track includes the required core courses in the first and second years, a choice of elective courses, plus a mentored capstone experience. Individuals who complete this track will earn at least 24 graduate level credit hours and a Certificate of Training in Human Investigations.
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Master of Clinical Research Track

A master's degree track focuses on formal training for clinicians and scientists who desire to make clinical or translational research either their predominant focus or a substantial part of their long-term career goal. This track requires completions of at least 45 credit hours. In addition to completing all courses offered through the HIP curriculum and a mentored capstone project, trainees choose electives offered by the HIP program and from other graduate programs at OHSU. This track is only available to trainees already enrolled in the certificate track or who have recently completed the certificate. Individuals completing at least 45 graduate level credit hours and all program requirements will receive a Master of Clinical Research (MCR) degree.
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Non-degree Track

The non-degree track allows students to select specific courses in clinical research. This track does not include a mentored experience or degree. This may fulfill a requirement for research training in some department fellowships. Courses can be taken for graduate level credit or for audit. Pre-registration is required and enrollment is based on space available.
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