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student-for-ct-siteMedical education at Oregon Health & Science University places the student at the forefront of health care knowledge. As a student at OHSU's School of Medicine, you can enjoy the benefits of a faculty and staff that have earned international recognition for their achievements and commitment to excellence. The only real limits to scholastic accomplishment rest within you ... the individual student.

A fundamental concern throughout the university is to help each student to fulfill his or her potential as a human being and as a health care professional. OHSU challenges students to strive for excellence and compassion from their first days in the classroom to their final hours in the hospitals and clinics.

OHSU faculty, staff and students are united in the conviction that by working together, the opportunities and challenges of the future can be successfully met. The university has embarked on a voyage of achievement and adventure that will benefit humanity in the years to come ... join us, and build your future with OHSU.

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