The YOUR M.D. curriculum prepares students to connect knowledge to its application through advanced scholarship and research. Through both the Scholarly Projects and the Physician-Scientist Experience, students gain critical skills and exhibit competency in research and communication. These options allows students to customize their education based on interests and experience and to develop the skills necessary to be life-long learners and leaders in health care.

M.D. students have two options for completing scholarship:

Scholarly Projects

The scholarly projects portion of the curriculum emphasizes self-directed learning to position M.D. students for success in their future careers. Scholarly projects are an inquiry-based research project that allow students to build their competency in academic scholarship and communications. While the projects may follow the traditional models of clinical and basic science research, students are also given the opportunity to pursue projects as diverse as developing a business plan for a medically-related start-up, exploring an aspect of public health through documentary film or proposing a legislative bill related to an aspect of human health and disease. Learn more

Physician-Scientist Experience

This experience provides research training for medical students who are interested in pursuing research careers in clinical and translational science. Students enrolling in this experience will learn the competencies of clinical and translational research and will be mentored by physician-scientists to understand the career trajectory and how to achieve this. Students who complete a one-year experience will have the opportunity to earn a Master of Clinical Research degree. Learn more