Scholarly Projects

An inquiry-based project that allows students to build their competency in academic scholarship and communications

Scholarly projects emphasize self-directed learning to position M.D. students for success in their future careers. Scholarly projects are required of all students in the YOUR M.D. curriculum with the exception of dual degree students also pursuing an MPH or Ph.D. and those in the Physician-Scientist Track, for whom participation is optional.

While projects may follow the traditional models of clinical and basic science research, students are also given the opportunity to pursue projects as diverse as developing a business plan for a medically-related start-up, exploring an aspect of public health through documentary film or proposing a legislative bill related to an aspect of human health and disease.

"We want students to be creative thinkers and problem solvers. In their careers, they will be called upon to take an active seat at the table answering the biggest questions facing health care. We believe this process will help prepare them," said Heidi D. Nelson, M.D., MPH, research professor of medical informatics and clinical epidemiology and director of scholarly projects.

Each scholarly project will culminate in a presentations of the student's work.