Colleges Advising


The School of Medicine Undergraduate Medical Education Colleges advising program consists of seven Colleges, each representing a different practice setting. Students are placed in a College based on their own vision of their ultimate career. Colleges are overseen by two College Faculty Leads and student leaders from all four years.


Goals of the OHSU Colleges system:

  1. To individualize the medical school experience by matching students with faculty who have similar interests and relevant past experiences
  2. To offer students the opportunity to confirm their initial practice/ medical interest and to help find mentors and resources for those interests
  3. To offer information on topics related to type of medical career desired through small group sessions and electives
  4. To provide a structure for curricula including wellness, financial resources and debt management, summer opportunities, and service learning
  5. To provide intensive academic advising through the Coaching Program

Colleges and Leadership

  • Acute Care College

  • Global Health and Urban Underserved College

  • Hospital-Based Diagnostics and Therapeutics College

  • Metropolitan Primary Care College

  • Rural College

  • Surgical Specialties College

  • Urban Medical Specialties College