M.D. Financial Resources

Fiscal Health and Financial Aid

Pursuing a career in medicine takes commitment, drive, and careful planning. Understanding the immediate and long-term impact of financial decisions made while in medical school will help students successfully plan for their future career.

Student borrowers need to understand how to utilize their financial resources in a sustainable manner that makes sense for them both as students and as a future medical professional.

Following are some considerations for prospective students:

·         Do you have a savings account?

·         Have you accrued an unsustainable level of personal debt obligations?

·         If married, will your spouse work or stay at home?

·         Have you looked at the student budget allowed for personal expenses, and does it seem sustainable for you?

·         What is your career development time horizon?

·         Have you done any research regarding the various financial commitments that medical school and medical residency  require (https://www.aamc.org/services/first/)?

·         Have you visited the OHSU Office of Student Financial Aid website?

In a joint effort with OHSU Central Services, the OHSU School of Medicine is pleased to offer the following Student Debt Counseling and Financial Management services to its students. These services are provided by an on-staff full-time Certified Financial PlannerTM:

Personalized One on One Financial Counseling covering a range of topics -

Debt Management                 Student Borrowing                 Cash Flow Planning                                Relationships & Money

Special Needs                         Risk Management                  Credit Management               Financial Literacy

Frequent Group Sessions – Residency Planning, Student Loan Basics, Credit Management, Basic and Advanced Financial Literacy courses.

Coordinated specialty specific financial counseling depending on the area of medicine a student might be interested in.

Readily Accessible Online resources to allow 24-hour access to information for students.

Additional programming and resources are continually being developed so that students will have access to the most up-to-date information regarding their areas of concern.

Online Resources

AAMC – FIRST Print Publications – A collection of useful resources for future, current, and past medical students.