Post a Job

As a service to employers who are recruiting PAs for their practices in the Pacific Northwest, the OHSU PA Program is pleased to post position listings on our website. If you are recruiting a PA, please complete the form below.  Jobs are generally posted within 48 hours of submission.

Job postings must be come directly from the hiring facility—we do not accept submissions from recruiters.

Positions are automatically removed after 90 days.  If you fill the position prior to 90 days, please e-mail Bob DeBarge at to request removal of the job listing.  You can also e-mail him if you need to make a change in your ad or need to relist it for another 90 days. 

If you have questions about how to post a job, please contact Bob DeBarge, at or (503) 494-1447.


Please Note:  All of the fields in the form below are required EXCEPT the Practice Website and the Any Other Pertinent Information fields.

OHSU PA Program students graduate mid-August every year.
Example: Send cover letter and resume to Jane Doe at e-mail, fax to 503-123-4567 or call at 503-123-6789.